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ox-eye daisy wildflower

Oxeye Daisy

Leucanthemum vulgare

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Ox-Eye Daisy Wildflower

The ox-eye daisy is well known to British cottagers because the perennial establishes so easily. Also know as the Dog Daisy, the ox-eye daisy is considerably larger than the common daisy which often grows on lawns and will stand at around 50cm, flowering May to September before dying back for the winter.

Please note that wildflowers die back to the roots out of season. If you are planting during colder months, it might look like a lump of roots and growing medium, but they will spring into life during the flowering season!

Origins of WIldflower Use

Wildflowers have been extensively used by cottage gardeners in Britain for centuries not only as an easy-to-grow decorative element, but as a way of encouraging bees and butterflies that are an essential part of the growth and pollination of their crops. Cottagers realised that by establishing wild flowers in their garden, they were making an economic, as well as an environmental investment. Native wild flowers are best for our bees as they are what the bees have evolved alongside and the single flowers provide the bees with nectar and pollen in a way that double flowers do not - many modern flowers are actually not bee friendly at all, despite having very large blooms!

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