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Wild Flowers

Wild flowers are a vital component of any planting designed to attract insects - especially pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. If you want to create visual impact then plan on at least 4 wildflowers per square metre. For a wildflower meadow choose a mix of wildflowers for maximum effect.

Lesser Knapweed

lesser knapweed wildflower thistle

From £7.95


meadowsweet wildflower

From £14.95

Field scabious

field scabious wildflower

From £7.95

Oxeye Daisy

ox-eye daisy wildflower

From £7.95

Ragged Robin

ragged robin wildflower

From £14.95

Purple Loosestrife

purple loosestrife wildflower

From £14.95


cowslip wildflower

From £14.95

White Campion

white campion wildflower

From £7.95

Red Campion

red campion wildflower

From £14.95

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