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Common Reed

Phragmites australis

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Phragimtes Reeds

The phragmites reed is best known as a natural purifier of water, but reeds can also be used as shelterbelts for humans and wildlife or to reduce erosion.

Phragmites reeds work by transferring oxygen from the atmosphere to phragmites reed rhizomes (the roots). This oxygen then encourages symbiotic bacteria, which feed on waste and water pollutants, so the phragmites reeds indirectly purify the water. After the last frosts, plant the phragmites reeds at a density of 4 per cubic metre after the last frosts in 5cm of water. If you want to use phragmites reeds to treat water, then plant 10 square metres for a family of 4. If you just want phragmites reeds to make a waters edge more beautiful, then you can look forward to long, purple summer flowers with grey-green leaves. For best effect, combine a phragmites reed bed with bullrushes or wetland wildflowers - check our wetlands guide for information on how to do this.

Caring for Phragmites reeds

Your Phragmites reeds will arrive with the plug wrapped to prevent water loss. Phragmites reeds need strong rhizomes like a house needs strong foundations - that is why the plants you buy from buy-trees-online are grown under specialised conditions to ensure a healthy, robust root system. Unlike most produce sold in garden centres, your Phragmites reeds are grown in Britain and so the size of the Phragmites reeds will on average be 30cm. Because the phragmites rhizomes are protected within a plug, you can expect survival rates of upto 100%, whereas traditional phragmites reed planting has a survival rate of only about 40%.

Uses of Phragmites Reeds

Reeds have traditionally been used in Southern Britain to thatch houses. Phragmites reeds are also one of the most important elements of some of the most ecologically important wetlands in the world. These wetlands provide habitats for several endangered species, particularly birds, which is why buy-trees-online are so proud to be able to grow them for ecologically-centred projects.

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