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English Oak Favours

The King of the Woods

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English Oak Wedding Favours

As a thoughtful gift to those sharing your special day, choose selected, native trees as wedding favours. Each tree is lovingly wrapped in an eco-friendly hessian bag to keep it looking marvellous. A gift guaranteed to bring back happy memories of your marriage, year after year.

The undisputed Father of the Woods, there are English oaks trees growing in Britain which have seen centuries of our history unfold before them. Strong, masculine and sturdy, the English Oak tree has been revered since the earliest times for its physical and spiritual properties. Until the Iron Age, most oak trees grew untouched by humans as they were too strong to cut down with their primitive tools. When early Britons invented iron tools, they found that oak wood was excellent timber and could be used for house and ship construction. When Nelson realised there ws not enough oak in England to build all his ships, he started a nation-wide oak planting programme to ensure England continued to rule the waves. As luck would have it, by the time the oaks were ready to be cut down, trees were no longer used in ship construction and the lesson was learnt - English oak is your legacy to future generations and it will transcend the ebb and flow of human fashions. Plant an oak tree and you will have left your mark on that spot for centuries - what will the spot look like when the oak tree is mature?

Folklore of the English Oak

There is no disputing that the Oak is the King of trees and a potent symbol of British masculinity. The ancient Druids worshipped oak trees as sacred and made the trees part of their ancient ceremonies - mistletoe was collected from oak tree boughs as part of their mystical rites. It was believed that oaks had been on earth for so long that they could actually be used as a portal to another world. The Vikings believed that oaks trees represented Thor, the God of Thunder and oaks repeatedly described in Germanic mythology as symbols of strength. Whatever you believe about the spiritual properties of our most popular tree, there can no doubt that there is something magical about wandering through an ancient oak wood, where the open canopy allows sunlight to stream though like majestic, translucent pillars in an ancient cathedral. Truly a tree to get passionate about!


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