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Field Maple Favours

The Tree of Responsibility

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Field Maple Wedding Favours

As a thoughtful gift to those sharing your special day, choose selected, native trees as wedding favours. Each tree is lovingly wrapped in an eco-friendly hessian bag to keep it looking marvellous. A gift guaranteed to bring back happy memories of your marriage, year after year.

Field Maple Trees are our only native maple, and as a small, hardy tree growing to a maximum of 15-25m, they make an excellent native addition to your garden. Maple is also popular as a hedge as it can be very dense and changes throughout the seasons - in Autumn the field maple leaves turn yellow and then flush red before dropping for the winter. The deep yellow colour of the maple can make a glorious contrast to the oranges and yellows of other native trees. Field maple grows about 1ft per year, so is slower growing than other hedge species, but as such your field maple will only need to be clipped once per year in July.
The flowers arrive at the same time as the leaves in April/May and as with many maple trees, the field maple will tolerate shade during its early years, but will need some sun once it gets to seed-bearing age. Fairly resistant to air pollution and exposed sites, you can plant your maple in most soil types, though it does best on slightly dry neutral/alkaline soils. One of the greatest advantages of the field maple is that if you coppice it early, then it will form a shrub - hedge, shrub or tree, it's your choice! If you are brave enough, the sap of all maples can be used to make maple syrup!


Field Maple Folklore

The field maple makes the prefect companion for those of us with hectic lives, as it is said to help sooth those with heavy responsibilities. If the mere presence of the field maple is not enough, try using the maple bark to treat high cholesterol, or a preparation of the leaves to treat sore eyes - buy-trees-online don't take any responsibility for the potions you may make, just blame our ancestors!
And if heavy responsibility is a concern, what greater responsibility can there be than that of a parent - passing your child through the branches of the tree has long been thought to give your child a long a fruitful life. For those with concerns about your house, bringing field maple branches into the house will keep bats and storks away - this belief comes from Alsace, where presumably both of those species are a particular concern!

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