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Crab Apple Favours

The Tree of Love

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Crab Apple Wedding Favours

The crab apple tree is one of the most adaptable of our hardy native trees - it is not just for an orchard. In spring, the crab apple is covered with a delicate white-pink blossom which make many people confuse crab apple with the cherry blossom tree. It is this display which has lead people to refer to the crab apple tree as the Tree of Love. From that eye-catching display come small, round fruits in the summer which are loved by so many of our native birds. The branches of crab apple trees can also be easily trained on a trellis to make a stunningly romantic blossom arbour or pergola - you will get masses of tiny white-pink flowers in the spring and luscious green leaves in the summer.

Folklore of the Crab Apple

The crab apple is the native ancestor to all our native apples and so has been providing delicous food for humans and other British animals for centuries. The Anglo-Saxons enjoyed crab apple jelly with their meat and sometimes even washed down the meal with crab apple wine.
But it is crab apple's outstanding beauty that has linked it with love and romance throughout the ages. It is said that to see if you have found your soul-mate, you should say the name of your partner when throwing crab apple pips into the fire. If the pip exlodes, then you have found your one true love. Many beliefs surround the crab apple tree, particularly that it is a metaphor for how to live our lives. We should all give ourselves freely and generously to others, just as the crab apple gives its bounty every year without ever asking something in return.

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