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Wedding Favours

As a thoughtful gift to those sharing your special day, choose selected, native trees as wedding favours. Each tree is lovingly wrapped in an eco-friendly cotton bag to keep it looking marvellous. A gift guaranteed to bring back happy memories of your marriage, year after year.

You could choose a feminine Silver Birch as the 'Lady of the Woods', or perhaps you would prefer the very masculine and timeless Oak tree? For sheer exhuberant beauty, a Wild Cherry Tree is difficult to beat, but for a tree which has symbolised the union of Man and Woman since ancient times, give Hawthorn Trees as Wedding Favours.

Select which trees you would like using the images below. You might like to consider buying two types of tree - perhaps Silver Birch for the ladies and Oak for the gentlemen. Just order your desired amount of trees of each tree species and we can send them all together. If you have special requirements, especially a delayed delivery date, then email us and we will be able to help you. The eco bags are designed to retain water, so your wedding favours will keep for a few days - just keep an eye on them to ensure the plug stays quite moist.

Order now and get free delivery on little trees in cotton bags.  Wonderful wedding favours.

Silver Birch Favours

Silver Birch Trees with FREE delivery from

From £24.95

English Oak Favours

English Oak Tree from with FREE delivery

From £24.95

Field Maple Favours

Field Maple tree with FREE delivery from

From £24.95

Norway Spruce Favours

little spruce trees as wedding favours

From £24.95

Hawthorn Favours

Hawthorn Hedging with FREE delivery from

From £24.95

Rowan Wedding Favours

Rowan Tree with FREE delivery from

From £24.95

Scots pine

No thumbnail image available

From £15.95

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