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Yew Gift Tree

Gateway to the Afterlife

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Yew Gift Tree

The English, or Common Yew is one of only two native British conifer trees - the other one is Scots Pine. Much beloved by the Victorians, the yew tree makes a stunning centre-piece to any garden as it is easy to train into a formal toipary tree or a more natural rounded shape.The yew tree will retain its thin, flat needles all year and shows brilliant red berries in the autumn - but beware, the seed are poisonous! Apart from creating a stunning display, these yew berries attract a wide range of birds including great tits, hawfinches, thrushes and waxwings.
For optimal results, plant your yew in deep soil with full or partial sun. Being a native conifer, it will thrive in the worst of our British weather and will grow to 10-20 metres, though yew is relatively slow growing.

All our gift trees are grown to be the perfect size for best establishment and an ideal size for gifts. For most species this can range from 20-40cm above the root plug. If you would like to discuss specific sizes, please contact us.

Folklore of the Yew Tree

The oldest Yew in the UK is the Fortingall Yew in Perthshire, which is thought to be over 2000 years old. It is said that it was under this very tree which Pontius Pilate played as a child.
The Yew tree has been linked with the afterlife since ancient times. On All Saints Day, a branch was put on tombs to guide the recently deceased to the Land of Shadows. When Christianity replaced paganism throughout northern Europe, churches were built on pagan sacred sites, complete with obligatory Yew tree. This re-enforced the ancient association with death and Christians used yew boughs as Palms at Easter. As time progressed, English Longbowmen found that the Yew's unique properties made it perfect for longbows: the heartwood resists compression and the sapwood resists stretching. Robert the Bruce then copied the idea and used Yew Longbows against the English at Bannockburn in 1314. We hope you find far more peaceful uses for your tree!

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