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Silver Birch Gift Tree

Lady of the Woods

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Silver Birch Gift Tree

Silver Birch, the Lady of the Woods, makes a lovely gift for any occasion. A tree of feminine grace, the Silver Birch is best known for its bark which silvers with age and long, weeping boughs and twigs adorned by cheerful green leaves in the summer. Being a fast growing, medium sized tree, the Silver Birch is ideal for most gardens. For best results, plant in good sunlight.

These little gift trees are popped in a little hessian bag and then sent in a gift box with a personalised message. When you get to the checkout, there is a little box where you can enter the message, which will then be printed onto a gift card.

All our gift trees are grown to be the perfect size for best establishment and an ideal size for gifts. For most species this can range from 20-40cm above the root plug. If you would like to discuss specific sizes, please contact us.

Mythology of the Silver Birch Tree

The birch tree is the most feminine of trees and has for centuries been known as The Lady of the Woods, most likely due to its elegant, slender nature, or perhaps as a twin to the more masculine oak.
The name of the silver birch tree remains in many of our place-names containing 'birk'. However it is as a symbol of fertility and renewal that birch has been most well known within our mythology, which probably derived from its reputation as a pioneer species. The Anglo-Saxons celebrated Eostre, the goddess of spring, by dancing around birch trees and astrologists believe that birch is ruled by Venus. This reputation for renewal also meant that babies' cribs used to be made of birch wood, but also that many public floggings were conducted using birch twigs in order to renew the naughty individual and drive out evil spirits. In more genteel modern times, birch brooms are used by gardeners in the spring to encourage new growth and birch sprigs are used in the cleansing atmosphere of Finnish saunas.

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