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Hawthorn Gift Tree

The Marriage Tree

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The Hawthorn Tree

Hawthorn is a characterful and beautiful tree, which produces lots of delicate, white hawthorn blossom flowers in the early spring and red berries, or haws, in the autumn. Hawthorn leaves drop in the autumn to reveal a dense and spiky thicket which blends naturallly into a winter scene - a haven for small birds at any time of year.
Your hawthorn will grow about 1 foot per year depending on conditions. Many people grow a hawthorn tree just to add something different, as the hawthorn branches tend to grow twisted and gnarly, which adds much more character to the shape of the hawthorn than on most trees.

All our gift trees are grown to be the perfect size for best establishment and an ideal size for gifts. For most species this can range from 20-40cm above the root plug. If you would like to discuss specific sizes, please contact us.

Folkore of the Hawthorn Tree

The hawthorn tree is connected to the heart in mythology and after Anglo-Saxon times became known to some puritanical Christians as a symbol of chasitity and sexual abstinance.
However, in the Middle Ages, the hawthorn became known as the May Tree as houses were decorated with hawthorn blossom at that time of year. The people even decorated themselves in hawthorn leaves and hawthorn blossom to celebrate nature's new burst of life after a long, dark winter. A May pole was origionally a hawthorn tree representing the male phallus, with a disk attached at the top representing feminity. Villagers would dance around the maypole holding onto attached ribbons, so representing the union of male and female with a man dressed in green dancing around the outer edge representing the renewed vitality of the tree spirit. So if you would like to woo a potential partner, perhaps a gift of a hawthorn tree might be a traditional way of making your intentions known. If you have already met your true love, then a spring of oak, ash and hawthorn tied together with a red ribbon was considered to be a gift to the fairies which lived in the hawthorn and they will afford you protection from bad luck.


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