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Ancient Calendar

Send a tree gift to celebrate birthdays according to the Ancient British Calendar. They split the year into 13 months and believed that different tree spirits ruled in each month.
December 24 to January 20: Birch
January 21 to February 17: Rowan
February 18 to March 17: Ash
March 18 to April 14: Alder
April 15 to May 12: Willow
May 13 to June 9: Hawthorn
June 10 to July 7: Oak
July 8 to August 4: Holly
August 5 to September 1: Hazel
September 2 to 29: Cherry
September 30 to October 27: Rose
October 28 to November 24: Reed
November 25 to December 22: Elder

Just remember that reeds will probably not establish well in November, so it was often replaced with Scots pine.

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