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Common Heather

Calluna vulgaris

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Common Heather (Calluna vulgaris)

Calluna Heather, or common heather, has become more popular in recent years as interest in wildlife and nature has increased. Calluna heather continues to look great throughout the winter period and heather poking above a bed of snow will always lift the spirits. The great advantage to bees is that heather flowers in late summer and early autumn after many other plants have stopped flowering. Calluna heather therefore provides a much needed nectar boost to bees before they go into winter hibernation.
Calluna Heather is best known as the purple hue that decorates wild Scottish moorland - heather thrives on acidic soil and in harsh conditions where most other plants fail, and yet heather seems to do very well in most gardens as well, needing very little attention. This hardiness has made calluna heather popular for rock gardens, winter beds and children's projects. Why not intersperse some calluna heather in your borders to provide a backdrop to your bedding plants? In the winter, you will be left with a stunning carpet of beautiful, native, green heather - why tolerate bare soil over the winter?

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