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Cherry Plum

Prunus myrobalana

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Cherry Plum Tree

An exuberant choice for any garden, the flowering cherry plum, like many of the prunus family, is best known for producing masses of cherry blossom in the spring.

A cherry plum tree or hedge in full blossom lifts the heart and shows an unashamed lust for life - cherry plums were said to put passersby under a magical spell of blissful calm and happiness. Look closely at the cherry plum flowers and you will see that the profusion of cherry blossom is made up of hundreds of tiny, white flowers with the pink stamens held proudly above them for the bees. The cherry plum treats us to this glorious display in March, optimistically heralding the end of long, dark days of winter and ushering a new spring into our lives. The cherry plum seems to grow with real personality and character, with misshapen boughs arching in all directions as if with free will, taking little heed of any standard or expectation. At the turn of Autumn, we are given a bounty of small, red plums - a final spurt of dramatic colour before the cherry plum turns in for the winter. A cherry plum tree will give you happiness and satisfaction year-round and will look especially stunning when mixed with other fruit trees such as apple, pear and cherry in a hedge.

All our trees and shrubs are grown to be the perfect size for best establishment. For most species this can range from 20-60cm about the root plug. If you would like to discuss specific sizes, please contact us.

Mythology of the Cherry Plum Tree

In Britain, we know the cherry plum as a beautiful tree from where we have derived our many types of plum. But in Japan, the cherry plum is the national flower and the goddess of Mount Fuji is said to have created the beautiful tree to decorate the bottom of her mountain. Cherry plum's short-lived but beautiful blossom is said to represent our brief lives on earth and inspires many Japanese people to make the most of their time, to create beauty and harmony in everything which they do. When you are admiring a cherry plum blossom in the spring light, remember this analogy and your life will be filled with beauty and your heart with peace.

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