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Wild Cherry (Improved)

Prunus avium GI

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Improved Wild Cherry

Get the very best of all the wonder and beauty of our native Wild Cherry. Our improved Cherry Trees are the result of years of selective breeding from native Wild Cherry Trees to get trees which will grow straighter and faster than normal trees, but without the problems of canker.

Experience the beautiful, white spring blossoms and autumn displays of small cherries. A favourite in British gardens, the flowering cherry just got better!

All our trees and shrubs are grown to be the perfect size for best establishment. For most species this can range from 20-60cm above the root plug. If you would like to discuss specific sizes, please contact us.


Mythology of the Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry and Bird Cherry are both known more for their timber and flowers than mystical properties.

However, it is said that the low branches of the Cherry tree are due to Jesus Christ asking the Cherry to lower its branches while he was still in Mary's womb so that Joseph may eat the fruit. In the Chilterns in England, the flowers of the Wild Cherry are used to decorate churches at Easter if spring is late.

In the Highlands of Scotland, the Wild Cherry has a more foreboding reputation, probably due to it being naturally isolated from many other trees. It was therefore considered bad luck to encounter a Wild Cherry tree, but with such year-round beauty, surely it can be forgiven?

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