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Common Whitebeam

Sorbus aria

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Whitebeam is often used in urban planting because whitebeam grows to a manageable size, but is also resistant to air pollution and coastal areas. Whitebeam is relatively rare in the wild, but has been found growing on both acidic and alkaline soils. If you are looking for an easy to grow tree without overly-showy features that will dominate other trees and plants in your garden, then the whitebeam may be for you. Colour and interest is subtle in the whitebeam with small red berries in late summer and a distinctive white underside to the leaves which only become obvious when the wind blows. The whitebeam leaves are shed in the autumn, leaving a dignified silhouette. Caring for your Whitebeam Your native whitebeam will arrive with the plug wrapped to prevent water loss. Your whitebeam needs strong roots like a house needs strong foundations - that is why the trees you buy from us are grown under specialised conditions to ensure a healthy, robust root system. Unlike most produce sold in garden centres, your whitebeam is grown in Britain and so the size of the whitebeam you receive depends on weather conditions, but will on average be 30cm. The relatively small size of the whitebeam ensures a fantastic root:shoot ratio, which will give it the best start to life in your garden. As long as the plug is kept moist and the tree is not starved of light, your lovely whitebeam will keep for a few weeks before planting.

There is little British folklore associated specifically with the whitebeam, though in many areas the whitebeam shares folklore with the much more famous rowan, as both belong to the sorbus family even though they do not look similar. Whitebeam is therefore also associated with protection from evil spirits, especially in areas with very chalky or limestone soil as whitebeam grows more freely in these areas than the rowan.

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