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English Oak (native)

Quercus robur (native)

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English Oak Tree

A wonderfully traditional tree, the English Oak tree has marked our landscape for centuries. This is a slow growing grandfather of our countryside, one which has presided over the passing of Kings and Queens, wars and celebrations, harsh winters and sun-filled summers.

When you plant an oak tree, you are adding to this wonderful history and giving a gift to future generations. Grown from native acorns, our oaks can show surprisingly impressive growth in the first few years of growth as the tree is used to having to get above the forest litter to establish itself. After the first few years, growth will slow as it eases into a prolonged middle age. Having dominated hills and valleys throughout the country, the English oak has adapted to many types of soil and aspect and the only strong requirement is for plenty of direct light. If you wanted to create a natural scene, then plant some silver birch in front of the oaks with perhaps some primrose wildflowers underneath.

All our trees and shrubs are grown to be the perfect size for best establishment. For most species this can range from 20-60cm above the root plug. If you would like to discuss specific sizes, please contact us.

Folklore of the English Oak Tree

This is a tree of paternal strength and ancient wisdom. Worshipped for centuries for its timeless donimance of the landscape, the English Oak is undoubtably the most iconic tree in our lands.


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