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Fagus sylvatica

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Beech Trees

Beech trees can be grown as a luscious hedge or graceful large tree: the only difference is how you care for your beech from the start. To create a beautifully thick beech hedge, plant 6 beech plants per metre in a double, staggered row and cut back 1/3 of new growth each year. After about 6 years, you will have a thick, green beech 3 ft hedge with shiny green leaves, providing screen and shelter which is good for wildlife - a beech hedge is the perfect balance between the rigid formality of a box hedge and the rustic charm of a hawthorn hedge. If you prune a beech hedge in late July, then often the russet leaves will remain throughout the winter which will help retain your beech hedge as a screen. Come the summer, the beech will grow fresh green leaves, reflecting the sense of nature's rebirth. If you like the look of a beech hedge, but have slightly soggy ground, then perhaps a hornbeam might be the tree for you as they do look fairly similar. If you would prefer a full beech tree rather than a hedge, plant in an area where the tree will get some light and will not remain waterlogged. Your beech will develop an arching, full crown with soft, green leaves anchored to the ground by a sturdy, yet smooth, light grey trunk. In fact the silhouette of the beech tree, so well known to photographers, is often mistaken for an oak tree - why not buy both as King and Queen of the Woods?


Beech is only truly considered to be native to Southern Britain and as such, has little Ancient folklore attached to it.

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