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Trees Fertiliser


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Tree Fertiliser

On some soils, adding fertiliser will greatly improve early growth and aid establishment. Most fertilisers are designed for flowers or vegetables which need high nitrogen levels for instant appeal, but fertiliser from buy-trees-online is designed particularly for the nutrient balance which trees require. The controlled release fertiliser granules are coated in a special coating which will only release nutrients when the ground temperature allows for root growth, assuring minimal leakage or wastage of fertiliser. The nutrients are balanced perfectly to allow for strong root growth before rapid shoot development with essential micro-nutrients to help with growth and natural disease resistance. you only need to apply the fertiliser once udring planting, there is no need for top-up applications.
Our 4-pack fertiliser comes in 10g sachets, which is the perfect amount for one tree, ensuring you apply the perfect amount, every time. Simply open the sachet and put the fertiliser at the bottom of your planting hole under the root plug. Trees from buy-trees-online have trained roots for rapid, deep establishment which will grow directly towards the fertiliser. Simple and highly effective! You can also buy an economy 120-pack.

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