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Essentials guide

Tree Essentials for your Garden

Help yourself and your tree buy purchasing some essentials with your order. At buy-trees-online, we have selected the best essentials available - no frills, just good solid design at affordable prices.

Tree Protection

Our tree shelters and spirals will protect your tree against rabbit damage - it will need a cane for support against the wind. Spirals are more cost-effective for hedging, although you will want to buy an ecostart shelter for lone trees as they are more sturdy against the wind. You have the option of buying shelters and canes seperately, or save money by buying them together.


Because they are more slow-growing and woody than most garden plants, trees have a paticular nutrition requirement that make most garden fertiliser unsuitable. Tree fertiliser is provided in individual packets, ensuring that you apply exactly the right amount of fertiliser to the tree every time. The tree fertiliser will release only when the roots are growing over a period of 2 years, ensuring maximum uptake of nutrients and minimum run-off.

Making Planting Easier

Buy-trees-online have scoured the world to find a spade perfectly designed for planting our root-trained trees. This spade is so easy to use even on difficult ground that you will wonder why people continue to struggle with normal spades. Our planting harness is for serious planters, because the padded yoke helps you comfortably carry many plants, whilst protecting the root systems

Simple light weight guards offering protection against small predators including rabbits - but not hares. The guard will need supporting with a bamboo cane or stake until the plant becomes established. We can supply bamboo canes as part of your order - look for our combo-packages of guards & canes.

Tree Tubes Shelter

Fertiliser can be a useful aid to initial establishment when planting into ground with low fertility. We provide 10g sachets of Slow Release Fertiliser - one sachet should be applied into the planting hole prior to planting each plant. As the ground warms the fertiliser will be released gradually to the developing roots.

Trees Fertiliser

From the Canadian Rockies, this spade is used by professional tree planters. The blade is stainless steel whilst the shaft is made from hickory wood. The spade is fitted with a comfortable rubberised D handle. A real luxury spade!

Trees Planting Spade

Cost saving combo-packs of lightweight spiral guards and canes offering protection against small predators including rabbits - but not hares.

Trees Tubes Spiral Cane

Originally designed to protect larger trees from rabbit and strimmer damage, many people now use Spirals with a bamboo cane to protect smaller stock - they are cheaper than the larger airier Ecostart tree guards but need to be used with care to ensure the young plants do not become trapped inside the spiral guard.

Trees Tubes Spiral Cane