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The benefits of creating new wild flower communities as part of a wilder environment are now widely recognised.

There is also increasing interest in exploiting the sensory appeal of wild flowers and their insect visitors in more formal settings, especially as the use of native plants often results in lower maintenance costs.

Establishing wildflowers can be expensive and laborious, but the most favoured method is to sow a wild flower mix and to introduce plants that are more difficult to establish.

At Buy Trees Online, we are growing a selection of wild flowers that are more difficult to establish from seed but which will grown in a variety of situations.

The advantages of established plants over seeds include their predictability and reliability, whilst their use provides far greater control over plant location and ratio between species. Plants also mature more rapidly.


  • sow into weedy ground - wild flowers cannot compete
  • use topsoil - it contains weed seeds
  • use ryegrass/standard grass seed - it is too competetive
  • irrigate to force germination - only to maintain growth

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19 September 2016 at 15:55 / Comment

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