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Mixed Native Hedging


Planting a Native Hedge is ideal for density, diversity and wildlife and by planting Cell Grown Trees from Buy Trees Online you can ensure successful establishment.

Our Native Mixed Hedge Pack is made up of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dogrose and Field Maple and is a breath of fresh air compared to the bland lifeless Leyland Cypress hedges we often see. Leyland Cypress can be hard to control and can often shade out gardens which dries the soil, making it difficult for other plants nearby. Our Native Mixed Hedge Pack is an excellent timeless alternative, traditionally used to keep stock in fields whilst providing an extra source of food with its berries. The pack gives year round interest with summer blossom and autumn interest, offering berries into the winter. Hawthorn and Blackthorn provide the thorniness whilst Field maple adds extra density and texture with its maple style leaves. Dogrose, a scrambling shrub, grows in and around the rest of the hedge offering sweet-scented pink or white flowers that appear in June and July. The native hedge is an ideal nesting site for birds to feed, and is also host to an array of invertebrates as well as small mammals who will use the base of the hedgerow for shelter.

Depending on the thickness of the hedge the hedging trees should be planted 4 per metre for a single row hedge and 6 per metre for a double staggered row. It is advised to prune back to about 30cm when planting the hedge which will stimulate lateral growth. In the second spring prune back to about the half way mark to promote bushiness, at which point you can begin to watch your Native Hedge grow and take shape, trimming the sides as necessary.

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