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Christmas Gift Tree

Silver Birch Tree

It can seem as though the winter strips our landscapes of vibrancy and life. However, if you observe closely it's a time of year that exposes us to the underlying form, colour and texture beneath which reveals peeling barks and polished stems that glisten and brighten our landscapes.

Its the species with form, colours and textures that we can also pay attention to and celebrate. When we think of Christmas Gift Trees we think temporary trees, wrapped in tinsel, disposed of after a few weeks. If you want to invest in a tree, why not consider a Gift Tree that effortlessly decorates our landscapes every winter, and during the months beyond. To view our gift tree you can select the link Silver Birch Gift Tree which is an excellent example of a tree with inherent beauty beneath the leaves. Birch trees can look stunning in winter when the purplish branches contrast with its' bright white ornamental bark, ideal for a winter landscape. The Silver Birch compliments other vibrant winter stems such as the Dogwood which can both be further emphasised by the dense green backdrop of a Norway Spruce Gift Tree, all available at Buy Trees Online.

Grown in low to moderately fertile soil Silver Birch are adaptable trees that can make most gardens and landscapes their happy home. Silver Birch can be found in Spain and as far north as Lapland. They are comfortable in windy sites, dry or wet conditions and even waterlogging. If you find your garden is a place absent of life in the winter time then a Silver Birch will be a welcome addition. As a pioneering species Birches colonise open ground easily, which explains their Celtic mythology having been a symbol for renewal. The roots reach deep to otherwise inaccessible nutrients which are then taken up for the tree to use, reintroduced back into the soil as fallen leaves for other species to use. Being a pioneering species they like company, and a small group will sing together quite happily in a small garden. They are ideal for those looking to bring life to a smaller space as they have a light open canopy which provides the perfect conditions for other species to emerge beneath. They tend to establish quickly and make rapid growth of about 1-2 feet a year under good conditions so your garden can take shape and mature with relative speed. When thinking of a Christmas Gift for timeless yearly decoration consider Silver Birch.

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