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berberis darwinii

During the winter months our landscapes can often look bare and lifeless. Read onto find out how you can bring life and structure this winter using Shrubs.

Shrubs Give Essential Structure.

Shrubs are often used to give a basic structural framework to the garden and provide shelters and a source of food for wildlife. Shrubs are versatile, they can be clipped to keep small, or you can let them grow to fill larger spaces. They give depth and layering to your spaces, helping to mirror what you might see in a natural woodland. In a natural woodland you can see the interdependent relationship between the canopy, sub canopy, shrub layer and ground layer. As well as encouraging the development of wildlife in your garden this will also develop the relationship you have with your space. The development of more natural spaces is supported by environmental psychologists. If you can develop spaces with high fascination value and provide an environment that automatically pulls the viewer in, then it is most beneficial in terms of its effect on mental fatigue. The introduction of Shrubs to the landscape is essential in doing this as part of natural layering.

Evergreen Shrubs.

Therefore as the leaves begin to drop, Evergreen Shrubs help maintain a fascination with your landscape. At Buy Trees Online we have various Shrubs for different situations or tastes, and being slightly biased I will give you a quick introduction to one of my favourite evergreen Shrubs, Berberis darwini:

The Berberis darwinii was discovered by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle. The Shrub is best known for its holly-like leaves and the warm orange glow of its flowers. The Shrub is fast growing and contributes to a substantial border as well as an effective hedge, with an ultimate height between 1.5 - 2.5 metres and an ultimate spread between 1.5 - 2.5 metres. The shrub is hardy, able to tolerate cold winters, and is equally impressive grown in sun or partial shade, against a wall or in an exposed position and is fine in any well drained soils. If you're new to planting shrubs, why not try one from Alternatively why not decide for yourself and check Shrubs out at

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