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Looking to Buy Shrubs Online? Consider Rosa canina


Rosa canina, also known as the dog-rose is a climbing wild rose native to Europe, parts of Africa and parts of Asia. The shrub is Hampshire's county flower, and grows across the UK. The shrub climbs up to 5 meters and blossoms towards the end of May, marking the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer.

The rose has pale pink leaves, which are also sometimes dark pink or white. This makes the dog-rose a beautiful addition to any garden as the pinks and whites add a soft touch and a splash of colour. When looking to buy shrubs online, one thing you should obviously consider is how it will look in your garden. Whilst green shrubs can look a little dull, bright oranges and yellows can be overpowering, especially if you have a small garden. This makes the soft pinks and whites perfect, as they are neither too bright nor too dull. The dog-rose also has a light fragrance, perfect to accompany the other scents that appear towards the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer.

Another reason why you should consider the dog-rose when looking to buy shrubs online is its interesting background and history. The dog-rose matures into a red-orange fruit, which is traditionally used to make syrup, tea and marmalade. These uses meant it was planted in victory gardens in the United States during World War II, and it can still be found growing today. Victory gardens were gardens of vegetables, herbs and fruits planted in both private and public areas in order to reduce the need for rationing.

There is also a famous dog-rose named the Thousand-year Rose, which is believed to be the oldest living rose in the world. It grows on the wall of the Catholic cathedral 'Hildesheim Cathedral' in Hildesheim, Germany. It is said to be around 700 years old, and has even survived a bombing of the Cathedral during the Second World War with its roots surviving underneath the ruins.

If you would like to know more about this beautiful yet hardy shrub, or are looking to buy shrubs online then visit Buy Trees Online today.

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