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Give Your Garden a Present of Gift Trees

Gift trees

Cut out the garden-centre middle man and buy gift trees online directly from the grower.

Buying a Gift Tree

The sight of young saplings at a garden centre can be spectacular. These can make wonderful gift trees for friends and relatives as well as for your own garden. However, sometimes the price can be slightly discouraging.

The best way to ensure quality and to avoid this retailer mark-up is to buy directly from the grower. Not only does this save costs, but it also gives assurance and peace of mind. The grower collects seeds from British forests, growing and nurturing each sapling in the nursery with each plant checked individually for root growth, size and health to ensure the best quality for customers.

Gift trees make the perfect present to celebrate the birth of a baby, as well as later birthdays, weddings and retirements. Gift trees such as the Grey Willow or Wild Cherry are an excellent way of remembering a loved relative or friend and even a lost pet.

Trees can be planted for decoration and shade but also as windbreaks, hedges and wetland protection. It is important to choose the best trees to suit a particular environment.

Colour and Wildlife

The Berberis Darwini shrub has leaves like holly and orange flowers, adding a pleasant character to any garden. Dogwood will give a brilliant yellow or red hue to the garden in winter, while argubly the most stunning is a Cherry Plum that attracts bees and butterflies.


Evergreens such as Western Hemlock or Lawson Cypress are excellent for hedging, while Hawthorn remains the most popular hedge in rural areas. Hazels make some of the best gift trees for friends with urban gardens, producing nuts also in autumn. For stunning spring blossom and fruit in Autumn try a Common Crab Apple.

A mix of different trees as a windbreak in exposed gardens provides a lovely backdrop as well as a shelter for plants and flowers. The higher the tree, the better the windbreak, but this will depend on the size of the garden and its orientation to sunlight. A rough rule of thumb is that a tree will shelter an area up to 10 times its height. So a five-metre tree will shelter an area behind it to a length of 50 metres.

The best deciduous windbreaks are Beech, Sycamore, Ash and Birch. For conifers choose Douglas Fir, Larch or Scots Pine.


Marshy grounds and wetlands are perfect environment for shrubs such as Meadowsweet, which produces beautiful white flowers over summer. The Common Reed, also called Phragmites australis, shelters wildlife and reduces soil erosion.

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