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Give your garden an attractive head start by planting Native Hedging

Native Hedging

Why Native Hedging

Native Hedging is a brilliant way to get your garden off to a great start with established, mature plant features.

When you move into a property and your garden is a blank canvas, the sheer amount of open space can be overwhelming. You will be keen to start crafting your garden into something spectacular and this means landscaping, mowing, planting up beds and installing features such as water fountains and fencing. Don't overlook the importance of shrubbery in your garden as this can be a wonderful way of establishing natural boundaries, giving a rustic feel to your garden. By investing in a few Cell Grown Shrubs and Native Hedging you will be giving your garden a huge head start, filling it with character and personality, as well as an acoustic barrier to outside noise.

What is Native Hedging?

Native Hedging simply means shrubs that are native to the place in which you live. Have a look around your neighbourhood, especially in more rural areas, and notice what sort of shrubs are prevalent. Some areas will be more densely populated with evergreen bushes such as Laurel, Firs and Conifers, whereas other areas will have more deciduous shrubs such as Hawthorn and Beech.

What are the benefits?

When you plant Native Hedging in your garden you will be attracting all of the native wildlife in the area. Butterflies, insects and birds will flock to your garden because they feel comfortable and at home and this is wonderful to watch throughout the seasons.

How to plant Native Hedging

As a general rule hedges are best planted as staggered double rows to provide a good thick screen in years to come. A perfect start for your Native Hedge would be to use Cell Grown Shrubs, available from Buy Trees Online at 20-60 cm having grown in cells that create a healthy, balanced, complete root system. They are ready to plant year round, with an excellent initial establishment with fewer losses than the industries cheaper, less reliable alternative, Bare Root.

Deciduous shrubs may look thin and spindly if planted in late autumn but wait for them to burst into beautiful leafy shrubs come spring. Add a bit of mulch from time to time and ensure they are adequately watered and it won't be long before you are benefitting from stunning native hedgerows.

If you'd like to find out more about planting native hedging, give Buy Trees Online a call. You'll find a wide range of plant species available on their website, and before you know it you'll be well on your way to creating your very own native habitat for your local wildlife.


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