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Tubex Tree Shelters and Tubes working with Buy Trees Online

Tubex Tree Shelter

Last week was the official unveiling of our parent company Alba Trees and Tubex, working together. Alba Trees and Buy Trees Online are now distributing Tree Shelters and Tubes as the Official Stockists on behalf of Tubex, and what better way to launch our partnership then at the APF 2014, the UK's largest Forestry, Woodland, Arboricultural, Trees and Timber Exhibition.

Our exciting new partnership with Tubex Tree Shelters was showcased to an industry event presenting everything from seed to sawmill, Timber production to Wildlife, including The Husqvarna World 25m poleclimbing championships, watched safely from the ground up!

As the Forestry season is about to kick off, this was a great opportunity for us to explain and show off the invaluable benefits of using Tubex Tubes alongside our range at Buy Trees Online, with benefits applying to Forestry, Viticulture, Landscaping, Fruit and Horticulture. If investing in a tree for 40 years it is certainly worth investing in its establishment from the beginning, and as Tubex say the Tubex Tree Shelter portfolio sells itself: fit for purpose, fit for the plant, fit for the planer, fit for your pocket.

Tubes Creating Enhanced Growth, With Reduced Overall Cost

Not only do Tubes provide protection from grazing mammals but they also create an improved microclimate within the Tube, enhancing growth.

Although adding Tubes to your tree order will provide an added cost, it will in fact reduce costs overall for your tree planting project, with fewer losses and reduced beat up costs, producing a quality tree that has grown in the optimum growing environment.

Tubex distinguishing features:

Optimum growing environment
Wide product range
Environmentally friendly, photodegradable materials
Easy removal from plant at designated time, compared to nets
Laserline - allowing the shelter to break open
Flared rim - minimising plant abrasion
Pre-fitted range of high quality ties
Nested for low cost storage and transportation - quick release
Strong, but light
Scientific development of colour
Tubex product warranties

Tree Shelters tailored to your planting needs.

With a Range of Products Designed for Different Establishment Challenges it is important to understand what it is you require. For example, What Species are you protecting? What are you protecting from? What are the site conditions like? There are a few things to consider and at Tubex and Buy Trees Online we want to make sure you get the right Tree Shelter, with the process for selection made simple. To do this I have provided the link for the Tubex Product Selector below, though of course as with all our products we welcome questions directly.










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