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Hedging in Retail

hedging in containers

Hedging and Retail

Ok, so I might seem a little obsessed with hedges and hedging this month, but partly it's because the weather is just perfectly mild and damp for planting trees and hedging, and partly because so few people know it!

For my own garden, obviously I use our own stock for the plants which we grow (including lovely hedging!) but for everything else I tend to buy online. Why? Because it's cheaper than going to a garden centre and it saves me wasting valuable weekend time trawling round looking for stuff which they don't have. Just send the thing to my door and let nature make them look perfect! But now and again, I like to wander around a garden centre and see just what they're offering.

Hedges at Garden Centres

And if, like me, you're daft about hedges and hedging, you'll not be overly impressed with what's for sale. They have rows and rows of lovely potted bedding plants, climbers etc etc...a little corner of extortionate trees and shrubs which make my eyes pop...some growing medium (about which more in another post), tons of paraphilia (some if it lovely garden decorations), but search as I may in every little nook and cranny, my quest to see some lovely young hedging goes unfulfilled. No beech poking out, no jaggy hawthorn bursting into greenery or bashful dogrose hedging lazily twining amongst the other trees. But why? They seem to stock everything else, but why not hedging?

The Enemies of Cheap Hedging

The answer is two-fold:

1. The Mrs Miggens Effect. Dear Old (or young!) Mrs Miggens potters around supermarkets insisting that all veg is dead straight and uniform and that her egg yolks are bright yellow, so the supermarkets pump them full of chemicals and chuck out perfectly good knobbly veg. Then she danders down to the garden centre and insists that all her plants are in individual containers standing up straight for her to look at, so garden centres waste money putting them all in their own containers (think of the ecological effect of that wasted packaging!) and getting pot-bound plants. So packs of top quality hedging just don't look good on the shelf. It'll grow much better in the ground, but what matters to retailers is what looks good on the shelf and they insist on each hedging plant being in its own container. Bare rooted hedging doesn't get a look in because it dries out within hours and people don't like plants which high failure rates (quite rightly!)
2. Money, money. money. Our hedging can retail at just over 1 a plant, but how would this look sitting next to a shrub at 8 a plant? And if you charged 8 a hedge plant, then you'd be spending 240 for 5 metre of hedging! We're not afraid of the competition and neither should anyone else be - cut out the middle man and get yourself a bargain!

So do yourselves a favour put your feet up and order some top-quality hedging for us and concentrate on what looks good in the ground, not on the shelf. Think and act like the professionals!

Next time...a caffeine-fuelled rambling rant about compost....

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