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Hedging in Retail

Hedging and RetailOk, so I might seem a little obsessed with hedges and hedging this month, but partly it's because the weather is just perfectly mild and damp for planting trees and hedging, and partly because so few people know it!For my own garden, obviously I use our own stock for the plants which we grow (including lovely hedging!) but for everything else I tend to buy online. Why? Because it's cheaper than going to a garden centre and it saves me wasting valuable weekend time trawling round looking for stuff which they don't have. Just send the thing to more

28 March 2014 at 13:05 / Comment

Hedging and Sport

Hedging in SportSo we've made it through the winter and admired all those hedges covered in morning frost on early morning walks. It's one thing we do well here in the UK: frosty, winter landscapes with miles upon miles of hedging splitting up the fields, like softened rows resting gently on the hard, white fields. It is during these times that all manner of wildlife thank farmers for planting hedging as many types of bug and beastie take shelter amongst the low-lying branches. In fact, hedging is so much part of our country culture that they are an integral part more

14 March 2014 at 17:05 / Comment

Hedges and Hedging This Spring

How to Care for You Hedge and Hedging This SpringIf you have managed to wade out into your garden and towards your newly-planted hedge this month, you might have noticed small leaves starting to emerge from the buds and the first signs of spring! Long, brown native hedges (beech, hawthorn etc) will now be spotted with little green flecks and your hedge is letting you know that it has had enough of winter and wants to get growing again!HedgesBut that's not all. Your native hedge is also telling you it wants its first haircut of the season. Like all broadleaved more

05 March 2014 at 16:49 / Comment