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Choosing a Wedding Colour Theme

wedding colour theme

So the summer is upon us at last and that can only mean one thing: an interminable round of weddings, weddings and more weddings! But which weddings have been really memorable and what was it about the day that set it apart? Did you know that the colour choice at the wedding might have had a big influence on your opinion? Many people like to tie coloured ribbons around our tree wedding favours to fit with their theme, so here is our handy guide to what all those colours mean:


Wow, you're a firecracker! This is no wedding for wallflowers, this is about fun, energy and even more fun. There will be heaps of good food, great drink and even better music and everyone will be up and dancing all night long. Burgundies and maroons can lend a bit of sophistication to proceedings, but make no mistake: red weddings are exciting weddings for people who want all their friends and family to have a really fantastic time!


Ok, there's a real risk here that your wedding becomes a tribute to Barbra Cartland. Or looks like it was designed by a 9-year old girl. But done well, pink can give all the energy and joy of red, but with the warmth and love of lighter shades. The key to using pink in a wedding is to avoid deep, shocking hues, don't use it absolutely everywhere and match it with a darker colour to add sophistication. A really classic combination can be pink and grey of the same tone - at least that way it looks like the groom had some input (even though he hasn't!).


The most sophisticated colour. There will be no embarrassing uncles swigging tins of lager at this wedding, that's for sure! Just elegance and class emanating gently from every silk ribbon and fine china plate. You will have sourced the very best food and have tasted many wines to find the perfect compliment. Perhaps not everyone will notice the detail, but your wedding will be remembered as the benchmark by which every other is assessed.


Cheery, warm and loving, if you are the sort of person everyone just wants to hug then a yellow wedding will suit. Yellow is a really optimistic colour which is why it is so popular at spring weddings, looking forward to a long, hot summer. Yellow can also be quite elegant, especially the paler hues and this will be a happy wedding when everyone enjoys each other's company and makes new friends.


More formal than yellow but still pleasant and relaxed, a blue wedding is one that goes without any hitches or mishaps(!) because the bride is just so organised. I mean, really organised. The sort of person who volunteers for everything, just so that it gets done properly. Choose a pale blue for a calm and serene wedding.


Natural and carefree, green coloured weddings are about everyone together in mutual enjoyment. So calm and effortless, where the happy couple are starting the celebrations, rather than being the centre of them. Green is about generosity to your nearest and dearest. If you want to give your wedding these emotions but really like one of the other colours too, then maybe decorate your wedding with plant or tree foliage and use another colour as your main theme. Our little tree wedding favours are often used like this.


In my opinion, it is really difficult to get these colours right. This is what could go wrong:

White - Footballer's wife
Gold - Dictator's wife
Black - Dracula's wife
Brown - Nobody's wife

Oh, I'm going to get lots of emails with pictures of lovely, brown weddings!

08 July 2013 at 10:50 / Comment

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