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How Many Trees Do I Need for my Hedge?

how many trees for a hedge

Lots of people want to plant a really nice hedge, but do not know how many trees they need to order. If you are not sure about the type of tree you want, check out out hedging guide for some advice. Working out how many trees you need to order is quite simple:

1. Decide if you want a slim-line, single-row hedge or a thick, double-row. If you have space, I would definitely recommend going for a double row so you get a really luscious, dense look. Only a box hedge, and to a lesser extent hornbeam, are dense enough to be grown as a single row without little holes appearing between branches.
2. Measure the area you want your hedge to cover. Pace the distance out in metres and remember with our multi-packs, it pays to be a bit generous. If you buy the big packs, it can cost you about 1 per plant including delivery, but if you are short and need to order a few more plants as a 'top up', it can cost almost 4 per plant for a 4 pack.
3. Do some simple maths! Look at the species below and do:

(Number of Plants/Metre) x (Number of Metres) = Number of Plants you need!
If you prefer feet, then 1 metre = 3.3 feet (very roughly!)

When thinking about planting densities, hedge species can be split into 3 Categories:

Naturally Dense Hedge Trees

Use 3 plants per metre (1 per foot) in a single row, or 5 (1.5 per foot) in a double row.

Hedge Trees include: Field Maple, Berberis, Hornbeam, Hazel, Cotoneaster, Hawthorn, Holly, Laurels, Privets, Blackthorn, Fruit trees. Roses can also be planted at this spacing, but I think it looks better to plant Dog Roses in addition to your other trees and let them ramble through the hedge, allowing pink flowers to pop up randomly along the length of the hedge.

Medium Density Hedge Trees

These trees can create a wonderful hedge, but need to be planted a little closer together and should be pruned in a slightly different way. See my pruning blog for more advice.

Use 4 plants per metre (1.2 per foot) in a single row, or 7 per metre (2 per foot) in a double row.

Hedge Trees include: Green Beech, Copper Beech and Honeysuckle.

You can grow a hedge from almost any type of tree, so if you are using a non-traditional species as a hedge, I would plant slightly denser than this.

Conifer Hedging

Conifers can really vigorous and have thick trunks, so they can be planted at wider spacing. You will definitely want to have a look at my pruning blog so that you know how to keep control of any conifer hedge.

Use 2 plants per metre (1 plant every 2 feet) in a single row, or 3 (one per foot) in a double row.

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