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Creating a Wedding with Pretty, Rustic Charm from Yurts to Trees as Wedding Favours


A bright, sunny day is what we all dream of for our wedding and it can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy your day in classic, rustic charm. Some of the most memorable weddings I have been to have an informal yet pretty feel to them which celebrate their surroundings with a nod to ecological consciousness, without going into full-blown tree hugger territory. The key to a wedding with a traditional, yet informal feel is in giving your guests little wows in all the details. Here are my top ideas:
1. Start with the invites. There are some really wonderful eco-friendly, rustic invitations out there that can be printed or even handwritten with a fountain pen if you have the time. I love the ones with the unfinished edges best, which are so lovely they are gifts on their own.
2. Think about home-growing as much of the decorations as possible. Herbs work really well in button holes and hawthorn blossom looks perfect for a spring wedding. Just spray it with hairspray to stop the blossom wilting.
3. Pretty lights everywhere make all the difference. Save up jam jars and use tea lights, suspended from poles or just on tables. Why not gift them to your guests at the end of the night as a little momento of your wedding day.
4. The dress. If you get the feeling of the rest of the wedding right, then a vintage dress will really hit the mark. Grooms - do yourselves a favour and stay in-theme!
5. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. So let your guests leave with a gift which will last a lifetime. Have a look at our little wedding favour tree gifts for inspiration. We can send any of our products as gifts, so just ask if something is not listed. Whenever your guests look at the tree growing in their garden, memories of your joyous day will come flooding back.
6. Use local food and drink. Not just locally grown, but local recipes too. Elder champagne can taste wonderful and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recipe is one of the best.
7. Tents. You don't need to go for a boring marquee when there are plenty of interesting options, such as oversized yurts, bell tents or simply an open-sided canopy. Decorate with blossom and pastel coloured bunting to add the authentic feel.
8. Ditch the diesel! Replace light bulbs with natural light and twinkling candles. Cook on wood-fired stoves and make the best of cold food options. And instead of heaters, use atmospheric fire-pits.
9. Travel off into the sunset as a married couple in a romantic horse and cart for the perfect lasting memory.
10. And if you really want to go back to nature, glamping is a lovely way to do it without sacrificing comfort. Spend your honeymoon living in simple luxury, enjoying each other's company and looking forward to your life together.

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