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Hedge Pruning Times

The short answer is: prune back 1/3 of height growth every spring until the hedge gets to your desired size and then as often as it needs it during the summer. This will work well enough for all hedges and you will get a height gain of upto 1ft per year (after pruning) for most types of hedge. Just prune the sides of the hedge once it gets to your desired thickness making sure it is thinner at the top than bottom. But if you have time for more detail, I have split hedges into groups for the very best care. more

15 April 2013 at 13:12 / Comment

Creating a Wedding with Pretty, Rustic Charm from Yurts to Trees as Wedding Favours

A bright, sunny day is what we all dream of for our wedding and it can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy your day in classic, rustic charm. Some of the most memorable weddings I have been to have an informal yet pretty feel to them which celebrate their surroundings with a nod to ecological consciousness, without going into full-blown tree hugger territory. The key to a wedding with a traditional, yet informal feel is in giving your guests little wows in all the details. Here are my top ideas:1. Start with the invites. There are some really wonderful eco-friendly, more

09 April 2013 at 17:40 / Comment