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Gift trees are the perfect choice for wedding favours

gift trees

Wedding favours are only one of the hundreds of things to think about when planning a wedding and while they may seem small part, they can leave a lasting impression on your wedding party. While you and your spouse will have your wedding rings as a daily reminder of your love for one another, traditional wedding favours lack the same level of permanence. Gift trees are the perfect solution, as the recipient can plant the tree in a location that they can see every day and be reminded of your fantastic day and your continued love.

Back in April 2011, Kate Middleton and Prince William introduced trees into Westminster Abbey as part of their wedding ceremony. The trees were placed down the aisle and each species of tree were specially chosen for their symbolism. This is a fantastic extra level of depth for your wedding favours, if you are thinking of giving trees.

William and Kate chose two Hornbeams and six English Field Maples to adorn the abbey. The incentive behind introducing the trees and other foliage into the colossal space was to bring a touch of the English countryside to proceedings and as such both trees and all of the flowers were native to the British Isles.
The Hornbeam is a naturally sturdy tree and as such is a symbol of resilience. This is an attribute that many people will agree is an important part of any successful marriage! The beautiful maple trees traditionally represent reserve and humility, which was a beautiful contrast to the grandeur of the setting and ceremony. They are also attributes that make a flattering compliment for any bride on her wedding day.

Maple trees were often used in medieval times with which to carve loving cups. These two handled dinking vessels were fashioned especially for the wedding day, for the exclusive use of the Bride and Groom, as a symbol of their union. After the wedding of Kate and William the maple trees were given to Prince Charles as wedding favours, he had them planted in the grounds of his Welsh holiday, where they continue to flourish.

Here at Buy Trees Online, we offer a fabulous gift tree package in which we include information relating to your selected tree and planting advice. The trees come supplied in eco-friendly hessian sacks which are designed to retain water and also enhance the natural beauty of the gift.

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