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Ash Dieback

Our Ash was grown here in Scotland on our own nursery and no disease has been found here, or anywhere near here.Please spread the word about this very serious disease. Ash Dieback has been ripping through Europe at a rate of 20km per year and has now been found in the UK for the first time. The fungus causes the tips of the tree to die and symptoms include stem bleeding and leaf browning. Lots of relatively minor diseases can infect ash and look quite similar, so if you are concerned, check against this pictoral guide provided by the Forestry more

30 October 2012 at 10:51 / Comment

Gift trees are the perfect choice for wedding favours

Wedding favours are only one of the hundreds of things to think about when planning a wedding and while they may seem small part, they can leave a lasting impression on your wedding party. While you and your spouse will have your wedding rings as a daily reminder of your love for one another, traditional wedding favours lack the same level of permanence. Gift trees are the perfect solution, as the recipient can plant the tree in a location that they can see every day and be reminded of your fantastic day and your continued love.Back in April 2011, Kate more

18 October 2012 at 11:13 / Comment