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Monkey Puzzle

Araucaria araucana

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The Victorian's favourite garden tree, the Monkey Puzzle is wonderfully strange and packed full of character.

Size on Despatch - approx. 15-30cm although this can vary according to the growing season.

Habit - Large


Grown in our British Nursery

Growth Rate - relatively slow

Please note that in winter, some of the spiky leaves can turn a bronzed colour. This is a perfectly natural change in some conifers and reflects the low winter light levels causing a reduction in chlorophyll levels. Once summer arrives and light levels increase, then the Monkey Puzzle leaves will return to their normal green.


The Monkey Puzzle was so named because even a Monkey would have difficulty climbing through the spiky branches.

But the latin name, Araucaria araucana, is named after a Native American tribal Chief who impressed the first European seed collectors.

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