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Planting Essentials

Whether you need to protect your trees against animals or help them establish with some tree fertiliser, buy-trees-online have the ideal garden essentials for you.

Ecostart & Bamboo canes

Tree Tube Shelter Stake

From £12.45

Spiral guard and canes

Trees Tubes Spiral Cane

From £10.95


Trees Fertiliser

From £3.49

Planting Spade

Trees Planting Spade

From £69.95

Ecostart tree protectors

Tree Tubes Shelter

From £11.45

Spiral guard tree protectors

Trees Tubes Spiral Cane

From £9.95

Planting Bag & harness

Trees Planting Harness

From £129.95

Snow and Ice Grippers

Canadian snow and ice gripper

From £5.00

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